Discover Central – April 21

Interested in being a member of Central?  Church membership represents the commitment of people to the mission of God through a specific church.  Therefore, membership is more than just a formality, and should be entered into fully aware of expectations, beliefs, and practices of the church.

DiscoverCentral is a membership interest meeting that will help people understand the expectations of members and the expectations of the church in this ministry relationship.  Items to be discussed will at least include a brief history of the church, the church’s doctrine, ministry strategy, leadership structure, and other important details.

Attending DiscoverCentral does not make anyone a member, nor is there any pressure to join the church just by attending the meeting (there will be a follow-up conversation for questions/clarification).  It’s simply an informational meeting that will allow attendees to find answers to questions they have and to receive important information. Attendance is required for membership in the church.

Before attending, please review: